The Hertfordshire Atlas of Mammals, Amphibians and Reptiles

This website shows the results submitted so far for the Atlas.

The countywide survey of mammals, amphibians and reptiles is being organised by the Hertfordshire Natural History Society, together with Herts Amphibian and Reptile Group, Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust, Hertfordshire Environmental Records Centre and the University of Hertfordshire. Everyone with an interest is invited to take part. We aim to publish the results in a new book.

What information is available?

The results are shown in map form. The Hertfordshire map is divided into tetrads each 2km x 2km based on the national grid. A dot on the map shows where a record has been submitted for that tetrad. The size of the dot indicated whether the record was a sighting or a sign (for example a mole hill or a dropping).

The distribution map index is a list of the species in the survey.

Click on a species to take you to a map showing the results for that species so far.

Click on any square to display all the results for that tetrad.

From each tetrad page there are links to a detailed map of the tetrad and an aerial photograph with a link to the grid reference.

The maps show the information submitted since 1st January 2015. You can see where the gaps are so please get surveying.

How to take part?

Follow the HNHS Mammals survey link for information on how to take part in the survey.

The survey has several components:

  • roving records for all species,
  • targeted walk through survey visits to priority tetrads,
  • targeted surveys for small mammals and reptiles,
  • records at/near your home.

We hope to achieve full coverage of the county but at the least we will ensure one intensively surveyed tetrad for every 10x10km square.

Contact us by email.

Who is organising the survey?

The Hertfordshire Natural History Society has set up a small team, including Jenny Jones (County Recorder), Ian Flack (HNHS), Chantal Helm (University of Hertfordshire), Tim Hill (Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust), Ian Carle (Hertfordshire Environmental Records Centre) and Dave Willis (Herts Amphibian & Reptile Group), to manage the project.

The last organised county survey was started in 1970 and resulted in the publication of Michael Clark's book, Mammals, Amphibians and Reptiles of Hertfordshire, by the Society in 2001.

Hertfordshire Mammal Atlas designed by LTD Design Consultants, built by Garganey Consulting and funded by donations from members of the Hertfordshire Natural History Society