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Glis glis


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SP81W - Buckland (Not recorded) SP81S - Draytonmead Farm (Not recorded) SP81X - Long Marston (Not recorded) SP81T - Thistlebrook Farm (Not recorded) SP81Y - Alnwick Farm (Not recorded) SP81Z - Crafton (Not recorded) SP90V - Meadhams Farm (Not recorded) SP90W - Orchard Leigh (Not recorded) SP90X - Whelpley Hill Farm (Not recorded) SP90I - Cholesbury (Not recorded) SP90N - Hawridge Common (Not recorded) SP90T - Hockeridge Wood (Not recorded) SP90Y - Berkhamsted S (Sighting recorded) SP90E - Spencersgreen (Not recorded) SP90J - Hastoe (Sighting recorded) SP90P - Champneys (Not recorded) SP90U - Northchurch (Not recorded) SP90Z - Berkhamsted N (Not recorded) SP91A - Tring W (Sighting recorded) SP91F - Tring E (Sighting recorded) SP91K - New Ground (Not recorded) SP91Q - Norcott Hill (Sighting recorded) SP91V - Berkhamsted Common (Not recorded) SP91B - Little Tring (Not recorded) SP91G - New Mill (Sighting recorded) SP91L - Aldbury Nowers (Not recorded) SP91R - Aldbury (Sighting recorded) SP91W - Little Gaddesden (Sighting recorded) SP91C - Wilstone (Not recorded) SP91H - College Lake (Sighting recorded) SP91M - Pitstone Hill (Not recorded) SP91X - Ringshall (Not recorded) SP91D - West End Farm (Not recorded) SP91E - Mentmore (Not recorded) TL00A - Flaunden (Not recorded) TL00F - Belsize (Not recorded) TL00K - Chipperfield (Not recorded) TL00Q - Berrybushes Wood (Not recorded) TL00V - Abbots Langley (Not recorded) TL00B - Bovingdon (Not recorded) TL00G - Bulstrode (Not recorded) TL00L - Whippendell Bottom (Not recorded) TL00R - Kings Langley (Sighting recorded) TL00W - Bedmond (Not recorded) TL00C - Bovingdon Airfield (Not recorded) TL00H - Westbrook Hay (Not recorded) TL00M - Apsley (Sighting recorded) TL00S - Nash Mills (Not recorded) TL00X - Pimlico (Not recorded) TL00D - Broadway Farm (Not recorded) TL00I - Chaulden (Sighting recorded) TL00N - Hemel Hempstead (Not recorded) TL00T - Adeyfield (Not recorded) TL00Y - Leverstock Green (Not recorded) TL00E - Potten End (Not recorded) TL00J - Boxted Farm (Not recorded) TL00P - Gadebridge (Sighting recorded) TL00U - Grovehill (Not recorded) TL00Z - Buncefield (Not recorded) TL01A - Nettleden (Not recorded) TL01F - Great Gaddesden (Not recorded) TL01K - Briden's Camp (Not recorded) TL01Q - Easbrookhay Farm (Not recorded) TL01V - The Aubreys (Not recorded) TL01B - Hudnall (Not recorded) TL01G - Widmore Farm (Not recorded) TL01L - Gaddesden Row (Not recorded) TL01R - Puddephat's Farm (Not recorded) TL01W - Rabbitfield Spring (Not recorded) TL01C - Studhamhall Farm (Not recorded) TL01H - Clement's End (Not recorded) TL01M - Beechwood House (Not recorded) TL01S - Flamstead (Not recorded) TL01X - Friar's Wash (Not recorded) TL01I - Dedmansey Wood (Not recorded) TL01N - Markyate W (Not recorded) TL01T - Markyate E (Not recorded) TL01Y - Pepsal End (Not recorded) TL01P - Kensworth Lynch (Not recorded) TL01U - Caddington (Not recorded) TL01Z - Slip End (Not recorded) TL02Y - Galley Hill (Not recorded) TL02Z - Barton Hill Farm (Not recorded) TL03V - Barton-le-Clay (Not recorded) TL10A - Kingswood (Not recorded) TL10F - Bricket Wood Common (Not recorded) TL10K - Netherwylde Farm (Not recorded) TL10Q - Harperbury (Not recorded) TL10V - Shenley (Not recorded) TL10B - M25 Junction 21 (Not recorded) TL10G - Blackgreen Wood (Not recorded) TL10L - Frogmore (Not recorded) TL10R - Broad Colney (Not recorded) TL10W - Salisbury Hall (Not recorded) TL10C - Potters Crouch (Not recorded) TL10H - Chiswell Green (Sighting recorded) TL10M - St Julians (Not recorded) TL10S - London Colney N (Not recorded) TL10X - Tyttenhanger (Not recorded) TL10D - Gorhambury (Not recorded) TL10I - Praewood Farm (Not recorded) TL10N - St Albans (Not recorded) TL10T - Fleetville (Not recorded) TL10Y - Smallford (Not recorded) TL10E - Hogg End (Not recorded) TL10J - Batchwood Hall (Sighting recorded) TL10P - New Greens and Townsend (Not recorded) TL10U - Marshalswick (Not recorded) TL10Z - Beech Farm (Not recorded) TL11A - Beaumont Hall (Not recorded) TL11F - Hedge's Farm (Not recorded) TL11K - Cheapside Farm (Not recorded) TL11Q - Sandridge (Not recorded) TL11V - Symonshyde Great Wood (Not recorded) TL11B - Harpendenbury (Not recorded) TL11G - Hatching Green (Not recorded) TL11L - Harpenden SE (Not recorded) TL11R - Nomansland (Not recorded) TL11W - Coleman Green (Not recorded) TL11C - Faulkners End Farm (Not recorded) TL11H - Harpenden NW (Not recorded) TL11M - Batford (Not recorded) TL11S - Marshalls Heath (Not recorded) TL11X - Bride Hall (Not recorded) TL11D - West Hyde (Not recorded) TL11I - East Hyde (Not recorded) TL11N - Bower Heath (Not recorded) TL11T - Blackmore End (Not recorded) TL11Y - Ayot St Lawrence (Not recorded) TL11J - Chiltern Green (Not recorded) TL11P - Ansells End (Not recorded) TL11U - Kimpton (Not recorded) TL11Z - Kimpton Mill (Not recorded) TL12F - Luton Airport (Not recorded) TL12K - Diamond End (Not recorded) TL12Q - Bendish (Not recorded) TL12V - Whitwell (Not recorded) TL12B - Stopsley (Not recorded) TL12G - Tea Green (Not recorded) TL12L - The Heath (Not recorded) TL12R - Kingswalden Park (Not recorded) TL12W - Hitch Wood (Not recorded) TL12C - Butterfield Green (Not recorded) TL12H - Lilley Bottom (Not recorded) TL12M - Ley Green (Not recorded) TL12S - Preston (Not recorded) TL12X - Poynders End (Not recorded) TL12D - Lilley (Not recorded) TL12I - The Flints (Not recorded) TL12N - Great Offley (Not recorded) TL12T - Offleyholes Farm (Not recorded) TL12Y - Gosmore (Not recorded) TL12E - Telegraph Hill (Not recorded) TL12J - Little Offley (Not recorded) TL12P - Gravehill Plantation (Not recorded) TL12U - Hitchin SW (Not recorded) TL12Z - Hitchin Hill (Not recorded) TL13A - Hexton (Not recorded) TL13F - Tingley Wood (Not recorded) TL13K - Pirton (Not recorded) TL13Q - Oughtonhead Common (Not recorded) TL13V - Ickleford (Not recorded) TL13B - Higham Gobion (Not recorded) TL13G - Apsley End (Not recorded) TL13L - Burge End (Not recorded) TL13R - Holwell (Not recorded) TL13W - Ickleford Common (Not recorded) TL13S - Holwellbury (Not recorded) TL13X - Arlesey (Not recorded) TL20A - Ridge (Not recorded) TL20F - South Mimms (Not recorded) TL20K - Potters Bar (Not recorded) TL20Q - Five Acre Wood (Not recorded) TL20V - Barvin Park (Not recorded) TL20B - Redwell Wood Farm (Not recorded) TL20G - Royal Veterinary College (Not recorded) TL20L - Swanley Bar (Not recorded) TL20R - Queenswood (Not recorded) TL20W - Northaw (Not recorded) TL20C - North Mymms Park (Not recorded) TL20H - Welham Green (Not recorded) TL20M - Bell Bar (Not recorded) TL20S - Kentish Lane Farm (Not recorded) TL20X - Great Wood County Park (Not recorded) TL20D - Roehyde (Not recorded) TL20I - South Hatfield (Not recorded) TL20N - Woodside (Not recorded) TL20T - Wildhill (Not recorded) TL20Y - Little Berkhamsted (Not recorded) TL20E - Hatfield Aerodrome (Not recorded) TL20J - Birchwood (Not recorded) TL20P - Home Park (Not recorded) TL20U - Essendon (Not recorded) TL20Z - Howe Green (Not recorded) TL21A - Cromerhyde Farm (Not recorded) TL21F - Stanborough (Not recorded) TL21K - Hatfield Hyde (Not recorded) TL21Q - Holwell Court Farm (Not recorded) TL21V - Letty Green (Not recorded) TL21B - Brocket Park (Not recorded) TL21G - Sherrardspark (Not recorded) TL21L - Peartree (Not recorded) TL21R - Panshanger Aerodrome (Not recorded) TL21W - Panshanger Stables (Not recorded) TL21C - Ayot St Peter (Not recorded) TL21H - Digswell Park (Not recorded) TL21M - Digswell (Not recorded) TL21S - Tewin (Not recorded) TL21X - Bramfield (Not recorded) TL21D - Pulmer Water (Not recorded) TL21I - Welwyn (Not recorded) TL21N - Harmergreen Wood (Not recorded) TL21T - Bull's Green (Not recorded) TL21Y - Bramfield Woods (Not recorded) TL21E - Codicote (Not recorded) TL21J - Tagmore Green (Not recorded) TL21P - Woolmer Green (Not recorded) TL21U - Datchworth (Not recorded) TL21Z - Watkin's Hall Farm (Not recorded) TL22A - Rusling End (Not recorded) TL22F - Old Knebworth (Not recorded) TL22K - Knebworth (Not recorded) TL22Q - Bragbury End (Not recorded) TL22V - Frogmore Hall (Not recorded) TL22B - Langley Bottom (Not recorded) TL22G - Norton Green (Not recorded) TL22L - Broadwater (Not recorded) TL22R - Aston (Not recorded) TL22W - Benington Lordship (Not recorded) TL22C - Almshoe Bury (Not recorded) TL22H - Stevenage Old Town (Not recorded) TL22M - Pin Green (Not recorded) TL22S - Chells Manor (Not recorded) TL22X - Walkern Lodge (Not recorded) TL22D - Titmore Green (Not recorded) TL22I - Lister Hospital (Not recorded) TL22N - Chesfield Park (Not recorded) TL22T - Boxbury Farm (Not recorded) TL22Y - Walkern (Not recorded) TL22E - Great Wymondley (Not recorded) TL22J - Rowley Court (Not recorded) TL22P - Damask Green (Not recorded) TL22U - Hall's Green (Not recorded) TL22Z - Cromer (Not recorded) TL23A - Letchworth Hall Hotel (Not recorded) TL23F - Willian (Not recorded) TL23K - Lannock Manor (Not recorded) TL23Q - Weston (Not recorded) TL23V - Kingswoodbury (Not recorded) TL23B - Letchworth West (Not recorded) TL23G - Letchworth East (Not recorded) TL23L - Baldock (Not recorded) TL23R - Bird Hill (Not recorded) TL23W - Wallington (Not recorded) TL23C - Letchworth Sewage Works (Not recorded) TL23H - Norton and Radwell (Not recorded) TL23M - Bygrave Common (Not recorded) TL23S - The Firs (Not recorded) TL23X - Bygrave Lodge Farm (Not recorded) TL23I - A1(M) Junction 10 (Not recorded) TL23N - Newnham (Not recorded) TL23T - Bygrave (Not recorded) TL23Y - Slip End (Not recorded) TL23J - Caldecote (Not recorded) TL23P - Newnham Hill (Not recorded) TL23U - Ashwell (Not recorded) TL23Z - Ashwell and Morden Station (Not recorded) TL24F - Hinxworth (Not recorded) TL24K - Ashwell End (Not recorded) TL24Q - Cold Harbour (Not recorded) TL24V - Gatley (Not recorded) TL24L - Dunton Lodge Farm (Not recorded) TL24R - Guilden Morden S (Not recorded) TL24S - Guilden Morden N (Not recorded) TL30A - Cattlegate Farm (Not recorded) TL30F - Theobalds Manor (Not recorded) TL30K - Theobalds Park (Not recorded) TL30Q - Bowyers Water (Not recorded) TL30B - Cuffley (Not recorded) TL30G - Goff's Oak (Not recorded) TL30L - Flamstead End (Not recorded) TL30R - Seventy Acres Lake (Not recorded) TL30C - Newgate Street (Not recorded) TL30H - Hammond Street (Not recorded) TL30M - Wormleybury (Not recorded) TL30S - Turnford (Not recorded) TL30D - Blackfan Wood (Not recorded) TL30I - Cowheath Wood (Not recorded) TL30N - Carneles Green (Not recorded) TL30T - Broxbourne (Not recorded) TL30Y - Nazeing Mead (Not recorded) TL30E - Bayford (Not recorded) TL30J - Monks Green (Not recorded) TL30P - Goose Green (Not recorded) TL30U - Hoddesdon (Not recorded) TL30Z - Rye House Station (Not recorded) TL31A - Bayfordbury (Not recorded) TL31F - Brickendonbury (Not recorded) TL31K - Hertford Heath (Not recorded) TL31Q - St Margarets (Not recorded) TL31V - Stanstead Abbotts (Not recorded) TL31B - Hertford North Station (Not recorded) TL31G - Hertford (Not recorded) TL31L - Rush Green (Not recorded) TL31R - Great Amwell (Not recorded) TL31W - Little Briggens (Not recorded) TL31C - Waterford (Not recorded) TL31H - Ware Park Farm (Not recorded) TL31M - Ware (Not recorded) TL31S - Great Cozens (Not recorded) TL31X - Wareside (Not recorded) TL31D - Stapleford (Not recorded) TL31I - Tonwell (Not recorded) TL31N - Wadesmill (Not recorded) TL31T - Fabdens (Not recorded) TL31Y - Bakers End (Not recorded) TL31E - Watton at Stone (Not recorded) TL31J - Sacombe (Not recorded) TL31P - Sacombe Green (Not recorded) TL31U - High Cross (Not recorded) TL31Z - Barwick (Not recorded) TL32A - Whempstead (Not recorded) TL32F - Dane End (Not recorded) TL32K - Potter's Green (Not recorded) TL32Q - Colliers End (Not recorded) TL32V - Latchford (Not recorded) TL32B - Burn's Green (Not recorded) TL32G - Haultwick (Not recorded) TL32L - Levens Green (Not recorded) TL32R - Old Hall Green (Not recorded) TL32W - Standon (Not recorded) TL32C - Clay End (Not recorded) TL32H - Wood End (Not recorded) TL32M - Great Munden (Not recorded) TL32S - Hamels Park (Not recorded) TL32X - Braughing (Not recorded) TL32D - Ardeley (Not recorded) TL32I - Moor Green (Not recorded) TL32N - Whatbarn Farm (Not recorded) TL32T - Westmill (Not recorded) TL32Y - Dassels (Not recorded) TL32E - Bancroft Farm (Not recorded) TL32J - Cottered (Not recorded) TL32P - Aspenden Hall (Not recorded) TL32U - Buntingford (Not recorded) TL32Z - Hare Street (Not recorded) TL33A - Rushden (Not recorded) TL33F - Broadfield Hall (Not recorded) TL33K - Little Butter Hill (Not recorded) TL33Q - Wyddial (Not recorded) TL33V - Silkmead Farm (Not recorded) TL33B - Roe Green (Not recorded) TL33G - Green End (Not recorded) TL33L - Buckland Bottom (Not recorded) TL33R - Capons Wood (Not recorded) TL33W - Cave Gate (Not recorded) TL33C - Wheat Hill (Not recorded) TL33H - Philpott's Wood (Not recorded) TL33M - The Homestead (Not recorded) TL33S - Strawberry Grove (Not recorded) TL33X - Barkway (Not recorded) TL33D - Crouch Hill (Not recorded) TL33I - Kelshall (Not recorded) TL33N - Reed End (Not recorded) TL33T - Reed (Not recorded) TL33Y - Newsells (Not recorded) TL33E - Lower Coombe Farm (Not recorded) TL33J - Church Hill (Not recorded) TL33P - Mile End Farm (Not recorded) TL33U - Whiteley Hill (Not recorded) TL33Z - Barley (Not recorded) TL34F - Highfield Farm (Not recorded) TL34K - Royston W (Not recorded) TL34Q - Royston E (Not recorded) TL34V - Noon's Folly Farm (Not recorded) TL34L - Beauval Farm (Not recorded) TL34R - Holland Hall (Not recorded) TL41A - Briggens Park (Not recorded) TL41F - Eastwick (Not recorded) TL41K - Harlow Town Station (Not recorded) TL41B - Hunsdonbury (Not recorded) TL41G - Eastwick Hall Farm (Not recorded) TL41L - Gilston Park (Not recorded) TL41R - Rowney Farm (Not recorded) TL41W - Durrington Hall (Not recorded) TL41C - Hunsdon (Not recorded) TL41H - Hunsdon Lodge Farm (Not recorded) TL41M - Stonards (Not recorded) TL41S - High Wych (Not recorded) TL41X - Sawbridgeworth (Not recorded) TL41D - Little Blakesware (Not recorded) TL41I - Perry Green (Not recorded) TL41N - Allen's Green (Not recorded) TL41T - Trims Green (Not recorded) TL41Y - Spellbrook (Not recorded) TL41E - Kettle Green (Not recorded) TL41J - Much Hadham (Not recorded) TL41P - Green Tye (Not recorded) TL41U - Thorley (Not recorded) TL41Z - Thorley Street (Not recorded) TL42A - Bromley (Not recorded) TL42F - Hadham Ford (Not recorded) TL42K - Bury Green (Not recorded) TL42Q - Stortford Park (Not recorded) TL42V - Bishop's Stortford (Not recorded) TL42B - Wellpond Green (Not recorded) TL42G - Albury End (Not recorded) TL42L - Hadham Hall (Not recorded) TL42R - Wickham Hall (Not recorded) TL42W - Foxdells Farm (Not recorded) TL42C - Braughing Friars (Not recorded) TL42H - Albury (Not recorded) TL42M - Clapgate (Not recorded) TL42S - Farnham (Not recorded) TL42X - Hazel End (Not recorded) TL42D - Bozen Green (Not recorded) TL42I - Furneux Pelham (Not recorded) TL42N - Hixham Hall (Not recorded) TL42T - Mallows Green (Not recorded) TL42E - Little Hormead (Not recorded) TL42J - Whitebarns (Not recorded) TL42P - Stocking Pelham (Not recorded) TL43A - Brick House Farm (Not recorded) TL43F - Brent Pelham (Not recorded) TL43K - Starling's Green (Not recorded) TL43B - Anstey (Not recorded) TL43G - Meesden (Not recorded) TL43L - Further Ford End (Not recorded) TL43C - Nuthampstead (Not recorded) TL43H - Langley Lawn (Not recorded) TL43D - Abbotsbury Farm (Not recorded) TL43I - Chrishall Common (Not recorded) TL43E - Chishall Windmill (Not recorded) TL44A - Clay Hill (Not recorded) TL51C - Gladwyns (Not recorded) TL52A - Start Hill (Not recorded) TL52F - Tilekiln Green (Not recorded) TL52B - Birchanger (Not recorded) TL52C - Stansted Mountfitchet (Not recorded) TQ09A - Chalfont St Peter (Not recorded) TQ09F - West Hyde (Not recorded) TQ09K - Harefield (Not recorded) TQ09Q - Battlers Wells Farm (Not recorded) TQ09V - Northwood (Not recorded) TQ09B - Chalfont Common (Not recorded) TQ09G - Maple Cross (Sighting recorded) TQ09L - Stocker's Lake (Sighting recorded) TQ09R - Batchworth Heath (Not recorded) TQ09W - Moor Park (Not recorded) TQ09C - Chorleywood West (Not recorded) TQ09H - Chorleywood Bottom (Not recorded) TQ09M - Rickmansworth (Sighting recorded) TQ09S - Croxley Green (Not recorded) TQ09X - Holywell (Not recorded) TQ09I - Chorleywood Common (Not recorded) TQ09N - Loudwater (Not recorded) TQ09T - Whippendell Wood (Not recorded) TQ09Y - Cassiobury Park (Not recorded) TQ09E - Chenies (Not recorded) TQ09J - Sarratt Bottom (Not recorded) TQ09P - Sarratt (Not recorded) TQ09U - Chandler's Cross (Not recorded) TQ09Z - Leavesden Green (Not recorded) TQ19A - Pinnerwood Park (Not recorded) TQ19B - Oxhey Wood (Not recorded) TQ19G - Carpenders Park (Not recorded) TQ19L - Bentley Priory (Not recorded) TQ19C - Oxhey (Not recorded) TQ19H - Bushey (Not recorded) TQ19M - Bushey Heath (Not recorded) TQ19S - Aldenham Reservoir (Not recorded) TQ19X - Edgewarebury (Not recorded) TQ19D - Watford (Not recorded) TQ19I - Bushey Hall (Not recorded) TQ19N - Letchmore Heath (Not recorded) TQ19T - Aldenham Park (Not recorded) TQ19Y - Borehamwood (Not recorded) TQ19E - North Watford (Not recorded) TQ19J - M1 Junction 5 (Not recorded) TQ19P - Batlers Green (Not recorded) TQ19U - Radlett (Not recorded) TQ19Z - Kitwells Farm (Not recorded) TQ29C - Sterling Corner (Not recorded) TQ29D - Rowley Green (Not recorded) TQ29I - Galley Lane Farm (Not recorded) TQ29N - High Barnet (Not recorded) TQ29E - Buckettsland Farm (Not recorded) TQ29J - Dancers Hill (Not recorded) TQ29P - Wrotham Park (Not recorded) TQ29U - Hadley Wood (Not recorded) TQ39U - Enfield Lock (Not recorded)
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